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Gabriel's Rapture - Sylvain Reynard Review originally seen on acreads.blogspot.com!

5/5 stars - Seriously, guys. I fell in love with this book... and I don't often find the sequel to be more compelling than the first in a series. In Gabriel's Rapture, we are given incredible character growth. Due to circumstances that Julia and Gabriel could not have seen coming (but perhaps, should have), the two are forced to face their demons and grown on their own. Julia learns independence and Gabriel learns about redemption and grace. Sylvain Reynard (thankfully) turned the pretentious writing style down a bit and wrote such wonderfully insightful passages about finding hope, faith and redemption through another person. And I feel that I need to mention that this book was classy. Gabriel's Rapture is about the relationship between Gabriel and Julia... but it is also about both character's individual growth in terms of how they view the world, grace and hope. In a world filled with Fifty Shades of Grey, Sylvain Reynard was able to write about a couple finding love and defining themselves together without the X-rated scenes. Yes, there are definitely a few adult scenes... but they existed for a reason - a means of growth for a young couple rather than providing a nearly pornographic element.