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Two-Way Street - Lauren Barnholdt I picked this book up at my county's public library sale for a grand total of a quarter simply because I thought that the author's name looked familiar. I had no idea what the story was about and hadn't even looked up the average star rating on Good Reads before throwing it in my bag and heading into work. Needless to say, I ended up finishing this book in four hours and loving it.
Two-way Street is a perfect summer read - it is light, romantic, funny, drama-filled and sweet. And, because I've had my fill of fairies, vampires and werewolves... this chick-lit story was exactly what I needed.

Two-way Street is told from both of the main characters' points of view - Jordan and Courtney - as they attempt to survive a three day road trip with each other only weeks after a nasty and unexpected break up. The story shifts between the "present" and the "before" (meaning, before the trip which sets up their relationship and gives some back story). Because the two time lines take place in very different parts of Jordan and Courtney's relationship, I found myself on the edge of my seat because I was desperate to figure out what caused their break up and anxious to see what would happen to them in the present time line.

I also loved both of their voices. As the synopsis above mentioned, Jordan and Courtney were one of those couples who people never understood because they simply came from different worlds. Jordan is your typical party boy who lives for the weekends, drinking and his next female conquest while Courtney is detail obsessed, slightly dramatic and totally inexperienced when it comes to guys. The contrast in their personalities made the story that much more entertaining and, because they're an underdog couple, made you want them to work out all of their problems.

I do have to give a bit of a warning - there is offensive language, allusions to drinking and drugs, and sexual references. But, other than that, I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Sarah Dessen-type novels. This is definitely a summery read!