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How To Get Over Your Ex - Nikki Logan Georgia Stone has been stuck in a rut... for a really long time. So, when she hears about Radio EROS's Valentine's Day promotion - propose to your significant other on air and win the wedding of your dreams (worth $50,000) - she takes it as a divine sign that its time to give her boyfriend the kick in the butt that he needs... that they both need. Unfortunately, what Georgia mistook for a rut, her boyfriend saw as a merely temporary relationship and rejects her... on air... to thousands of listeners across England.

In a desperate attempt to salvage the promotion gone wrong, produce Zander Rush proposes that Georgia spend the $50k over the course of the next year on different activities, trips, dreams that she had always wanted to do but never had the funding. The only catch? Zander will go along with her to document the entire thing for the listeners. Over the course of the year, both Georgia and Zander are forced out of their comfort zones and begin to learn a lot about themselves... and each other. And, despite being resolved to a single lifestyle for the foreseeable future, both cannot deny the growing attraction to each other...

My favorite day of the year is February 15th (and November 1st... and December 26th...) because it is filled with the magic that is discounted Valentine's Day candy. So, imagine my surprise - whilst browsing the nearly endless racks of chocolates, I stumble upon a display of another favorite of mine - books! At the risk of sounding like a snob, I'll admit that I was a wee bit hesitant when I saw the word "Harlequin" splashed across the cover... it conjured images of half naked rugged men wearing kilts groping at a women with torn blouses... but I figured, "They're only $1.54... and the covers are cute... why not?" I threw them (there are four in this particular "series") in my basket and went on my merry way.

I was not expecting much when I picked up How To Get Over Your Ex but was pleasantly surprised. The story was cute - very Valentine's Day with a chick flick kind of feel... and the characters were actually developed... not the sad cardboard cut out that I've grown used to from romance novels. The romance between Georgia and Zander was a far cry from insta-love and I particularly enjoyed the fact that it had to develop through out the story. As far as the characters go, Georgia was a nice change in that she did not lose herself in the romance or in Zander but retained her individuality. Zander was the typical damaged, sexy male lead... but there is nothing wrong with that, right?

All in all, How To Get Over Your Ex is light and fun. If you enjoy chick lit or chick flicks, definitely check it out - the U.S. list price is only $1.94 (I found my copy at K-Mart)... and you can't go wrong for $2, right? I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the titles from the Valentine's Day Survival Guide (The One That Got Away, The Downfall of a Good Girl, Hitched) and will probably read more from Harlequin Kiss in the future.