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The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys, #1) - Abbi Glines This review was originally posted on acreads.blogspot.com.

Ashton has always felt the pressure of trying to live up to her perfect boyfriend's expectations of her. Sawyer is the perfect boyfriend - caring, attentive, gentle, would never dream of pushing Ashton too far, and places her in the envy of every girl at their high school. When Sawyer goes away for the summer, Ashton fills the void left by his absence with his cousin, and her one time best friend, Beau. Beau is everything that Sawyer isn't - unafraid of saying things that push Ashton out of her comfort zone and a bad boy to end all bad boys. As the summer progresses, Ashton realizes that being around Beau brings out her true self - away from the picture perfect reputation that she has built for Sawyer... and can't help but develop feelings for him.


Let's get it out into the open.

I loved this book... but I am so conflicted about it. Simply put, Ashton and Beau's relationship is built on the foundation of Ashton cheating on Sawyer... and that is unacceptable in every way. I personally have very strong feelings about cheating and infidelity and had a very, very hard time separating myself from those feelings while reading this book. I do not condone it in anyway and I think that Ashton and Beau could have (and SHOULD have) conducted themselves in very different ways...

But, hot damn.

I think that the only reason that I was okay with the way that the story played out was because I accidentally spoiled myself about 25% into the book - here's a bit of advice: Do not read the tag line for The Vincent Brothers! I knew that something good came out of the Sawyer, Ashton and Beau mess and so, I allowed myself to carry on.

The scariest part about reading The Vincent Boys is that I could easily place myself in Ashton's position. She feels incredible pressure to live up her parents' and Sawyer's mile high expectations and loses herself in the process. Ashton is terrified of letting them down but once she tastes the freedom that Beau offers her, she gets sucked in. Beau reminds Ashton of the carefree and rebellious girl that she used to be and helps her realize that she still is that girl, underneath the fake persona. While Ashton is knee deep in her summer fling with Beau, she begins to justify it to herself - and I was right there with her. Abbi Glines has an incredible way of writing a sympathetic main character... who is easily relateable, even in horrible situations.

This was, once again, a great summer read. I read it in little over a day and was completely wrapped up by the story. I can't wait to read The Vincent Brothers to see what happens in some of the other character's lives.