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Froggy Style - J.A. Kazimer (Originally posted on www.acreads.blogspot.com)

Once again, I have to give a huge thanks to my good friend, Bunny, for lending me Froggy Style. If not for her, the name J.A. Kazimer (probably) wouldn't have meant anything to me nor would I have been introduced to this amazing series. Thanks, Bunny! Secondly, if you haven't read the first book in this series - Curses! - please stop reading this review and go grab a copy! Seriously, do it. Now!

Froggy Style follows the story of Prince Jean-Michel La Grenouille who is about to turn 30 and kick start a curse that was bestowed on him as an infant. Maybe you guessed it by the title of book or maybe you're just that good at French, but our Jean-Michel is none other than the Frog Prince himself. Forced to abandon his bachelor ways, Jean-Michel must find and marry his One - that is, the one young lady who is able to break his curse and save him from eternal frogdom. But of course, nothing is that easy and Jean-Michel's trip to Cin City (ha, ha!) is filled with mystery and less than savory characters... much in the spirit of Curses!

Froggy Style was a great sequel to Curses! RJ and Asia make a small cameo but the story revolves almost entirely around a new cast of characters, plot twists, and general shenanigans. Each of the new characters that Kazimer introduced felt totally unique and stood apart from one another. I think that this is worth mentioning because, let's be honest - how many fairy tale retellings have we read? A ton. Kazimer was able to successfully create new characters who stayed true-ish to their fairy tale origins but who also fit perfectly into the world that she created... and none of them felt repetitive! My hat goes off to Kazimer - simply put, it is her amazing writing skill that makes these books as great as they are.

I have no idea if Kazimer has plans to write another story set in the F**ked Up Fairytale but I really, really, really hope that she does. I have never read a story that feels quite like this series - a perfect blending of beloved fairytales, Shrek, and adult humor - and I cannot get enough of it! Again, I must caution you - if you are sensitive to strong language and sexual allusions - please steer clear of this... But if the idea of an adult version of Shrek sounds amazing to you? Go out and get this series - now!